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Fidelity SiteX Data

LPS Real Estate Data Solutions, Inc. and Cameron Dunlap have teamed up to offer you a free trial account and discounted pricing on a SiteXdata.com subscription.

SiteXdata.com provides convenient and cost-effective access to: real property assessment, ownership, deed history and comparable sales. With a SiteXdata.com subscription you can tap into the industry’s most robust, accurate, up-to-date data resource. With SiteX Reports you’ll be able to verify ownership, identify comparable sales, and much more! With coverage in over 31,000 counties and 99% of the US we’ve got you covered!

Property Reports of Interest:

Comp Locator – Input various search parameter ranges, such as square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, year built and price range, and Comp Locator will present comparable sales that closely match the features of the subject property. Searches without a subject property are also possible using criteria such as city, ZIP code, street and number ranges, and Thomas Map grids.

SiteXReport – Input a subject property address, and obtain an area map with the subject property and up to 15 comparable sales plotted. This report also provides a subject profile, deed/transfer history, comparable sales chart, assessment cluster (20 closest properties to subject property), preliminary flood report, natural hazard report, contaminated sites report, and hazardous waste and solid waste facilities report.

SiteX Value – a property value estimate report with a quick score summary, along with county assessed values, an abbreviated legal description, owner information, comparables, estimated value, deed history, neighborhood price trends and market activity.

How To Receive a Free Trial:

To receive your Free trial please send an email to George.Marshall@LPSVCS.com and mention Cameron Dunlap.

How To Subscribe:

To subscribe to SiteXdata.com you’ll need to choose a package, complete the subscription agreement and send it in. New account and login credentials are set up within one business day.

Please contact George Marshall 1.877.436.3282 ext 9110 Or George.Marshall@LPSVCS.com Remember to mention Cameron Dunlap to have your $200.00 set up fee waived.

*Trial access is limited to 10 property reports and will expire after 30 days. Internet Explorer is the preferred browser. Please e-mail your representative or Customer Support with technical questions. LPSAA.SUPPORT@LPSVCS.COM